Todays date: Thursday, June 30th 2016

Jenkins: Teaching this Butler New Tricks

Previously, I extolled the virtues of using Jenkins as both a continuous integration platform and a deployment tool.  This time I outline some of the flexibility within the system to support new tools.

Rsync is an […]

It’s that time of year, are you ready for your summer interns?

It’s that time again, another school year is coming to a close, summer is almost here, and students across the country will soon begin their coveted summer internships. For the intern, these internships can be […]

Is it fair to ask employees to help build your company brand on LinkedIn?

My answer, YES! As every owner, founder, or manager knows, a LinkedIn profile and company page can be used to market, sell, and represent your brand in order to attract customers and prospective employees. What […]

Jenkins: From CI to Production Deployments

Here at BridgePoint, we have used Jenkins ( with great success both as a tool for continuous integration and for application deployments. […]

5 Reasons to Switch to Office 365

No More On Premise Servers
The biggest reason to switch to Office 365 is to reduce or eliminate your on premise servers.  Office 365 email runs on the same Exchange platform your company may be using […]

What can you do with those sub $100 Tablets?

The free market is a wonderful thing. Demand for a product will prompt producers to create such products. The obvious logic of making a profit from a product in demand, will drive even more producers […]

Reading Candidate Warning Signs

In any recruiting position you're going to run across warning signs from candidates, but how do you know when they're really going to be issues down the road or if they're just minor bumps in the pavement? That's the life of an IT Recruiter

BridgePoint Makes Impactful Presence at the DeVry University Career Fair in Addison

BridgePoint Technologies generated a lot of interest at the February 4, 2015 DeVry University Addison Campus Career Fair.

SharePointFest 2014 Contest Results!

Our recent SharePointFest challenged users to take an interesting photo including BridgePoint branded gum packages. And the Winner IS...

The Dangers of Over-Posting

It is very easy for a developer to use classes generated by their ORM of choice (such as Entity Framework) as data models in an ASP MVC application. The reasons for doing so are straightforward. If we didn't reuse the classes, we would have to remake them. Creating a second class with essentially properties of the first class seems to defeat the purpose of code re-use. As developers we're trained to the point of rote to not like such patterns. They create extra work and inefficiency.