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As a long term IT professional, I strive to learn new technology and skills that will help further my career. As a result of my motivation to learn, my employers benefit from my ever growing knowledge of information technology. I thrive on the challenges that always present themselves when working in the IT industry and love the satisfaction that comes with overcoming these challenges. As a senior level engineer and director of managed services, I seek out ways to teach and mentor my colleague to help further their development in the IT industry.

5 Reasons to Switch to Office 365

No More On Premise Servers
The biggest reason to switch to Office 365 is to reduce or eliminate your on premise servers.  Office 365 email runs on the same Exchange platform your company may be using today, except it’s hosted and maintained by Microsoft.  This means you no longer have to worry about licensing, patching, security, […]

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Internet Slowdown was a SonicWall Policy Issue

Our internal network slows to a crawl, the long holiday weekend looms large ahead of us. Clients are calling, PTO for employees is starting. This is a terrible time for primary communications to be a problem!

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