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Robb is the Director of Business Solutions at BridgePoint Technologies. When he isn't doing design or development work you might catch him putting together presentations for weekly Lunch and Learns, looking for ways to improve development processes, or sneaking in a quick chess game. While being quite certifiable, Robb does hold several Microsoft Certifications.

Old Bugs Linger, Don’t you Forget It

I recently had the pleasure of troubleshooting an ASP.NET application for a particular client. The issue was that clicking a particular link had the desired effect immediately, but upon any second link/postback the system would revert back to its original state. The purpose of that particular link was to set a session variable a certain way. It did not take long to determine some of the broader qualities of this issue: […]

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DIY Lazy Loading in C#

Today, we’re covering how to use a particular feature of .NET 4 to implement lazy loading within a class.  What is lazy loading (or more technically, lazy initialization)?  MSDN defines it as this: […]

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Why Data Breaches Mean Change your Password

Headlines containing words like “data breach” and “X number of users compromised” have become commonplace in current headlines.  There has been a recent spate of high profile breaches, each coming from a different source and affecting a different group of victims.  The advice, however, is always the same: change your password.  That’s it: if you are a […]

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Jenkins: Teaching this Butler New Tricks

Previously, I extolled the virtues of using Jenkins as both a continuous integration platform and a deployment tool.  This time I outline some of the flexibility within the system to support new tools.

Rsync is an open source utility designed to synchronize files in two separate locations whether local or remote.  I use the word synchronize […]

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