About Robb Bromley

Robb is the Director of Business Solutions at BridgePoint Technologies. When he isn't doing design or development work you might catch him putting together presentations for weekly Lunch and Learns, looking for ways to improve development processes, or sneaking in a quick chess game. While being quite certifiable, Robb does hold several Microsoft Certifications.

Jenkins: From CI to Production Deployments

Here at BridgePoint, we have used Jenkins (https://jenkins.io/index.html) with great success both as a tool for continuous integration and for application deployments. […]

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SharePointFest 2014 Contest Results!

Our recent SharePointFest challenged users to take an interesting photo including BridgePoint branded gum packages. And the Winner IS...

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The Dangers of Over-Posting

It is very easy for a developer to use classes generated by their ORM of choice (such as Entity Framework) as data models in an ASP MVC application. The reasons for doing so are straightforward. If we didn't reuse the classes, we would have to remake them. Creating a second class with essentially properties of the first class seems to defeat the purpose of code re-use. As developers we're trained to the point of rote to not like such patterns. They create extra work and inefficiency.

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MS Project % of Project Time Trick

If you’re like me, when you are putting a project plan together you want to budget some room overhead for PM oversight of a project. This is a variable figure, depending mostly on how long the project runs. ┬áIt is straightforward to designate a PM line item with a resource at a percentage: 5%, 10%, […]

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