With today’s rapidly evolving mobile technologies, cross-platform mobile applications are becoming a necessity.  BridgePoint Technologies is already at the forefront of the mobile movement, developing high-performance, cost-effective and cross-functional mobile apps.  Yet, it’s still seeking to go further through its new partnership with Xamarin, a software company empowering more than 380,000 developers to build fully native mobile apps across all major platforms.  The partnership allows BridgePoint to use Xamarin’s software as the underlying development platform for all of its cross-platform applications.

Xamarin’s unique software enables developers to produce reusable, fully native code across all three major platforms (iOS, Android and Windows).  By using one mobile language, BridgePoint can take full advantage of its .Net framework expertise as well as repurpose its high-value C# experts, who can now leverage Xamarin to make their seamless transitions into mobile application development.

This partnership is mutually beneficial: providing Xamarin a new consulting partner with deep experience in their platform, and a tool for BridgePoint to accelerate its development process while maintaining exceptional app performance.  It also allows BridgePoint to provide the most competitive market prices for its customers.  Xamarin’s software has successfully enabled BridgePoint to reduce its mobile application process times, time to market and the complexities associated with cross-platform development.  BridgePoint Technologies and Xamarin will both gain from this venture as both companies seek to provide their customers with the highest-quality mobile and software applications in a fiercely competitive market.

To learn more about BridgePoint’s Mobile Application Development services, visit http://mybridgepoint.com/Mobile_Applications.