The Dangers of Over-Posting

It is very easy for a developer to use classes generated by their ORM of choice (such as Entity Framework) as data models in an ASP MVC application. The reasons for doing so are straightforward. If we didn't reuse the classes, we would have to remake them. Creating a second class with essentially properties of the first class seems to defeat the purpose of code re-use. As developers we're trained to the point of rote to not like such patterns. They create extra work and inefficiency.

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Business Rules with EF Classes

The Problem

Entity Framework, and other ORM tools like it, make our jobs easier.  The cost of building data classes, and maintaining them over time, becomes much lower as these tools take over the mapping and code generation steps for us.  It gives us a certain freedom from the data layer, but at a cost.  We […]

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BridgePoint Evangelizes Mobile Integration with SharePoint

Recently, leaders from across the IT industry gathered at Chicago’s SharePoint Fest for three days of comprehensive training and learning seminars. SharePoint Fest Chicago, which ran from October 7-9, allowed executives and industry thought-leaders to exchange the latest information related to topics such as enterprise content management, infrastructure and administration.  The Fest featured keynote addresses […]

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BridgePoint Technologies Marks Nine-Year Anniversary

BridgePoint Recognizes Nine Years of Providing Quality IT Business, Staffing and Managed Services Solutions to Customers Across Multiple Verticals
OAK BROOK, IL, OCTOBER 2, 2013 – BridgePoint Technologies, a full service information technology consulting firm, celebrates the ninth anniversary of its founding in 2004.  For the past nine years, BridgePoint Technologies has been dedicated to fulfilling […]

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