Old Bugs Linger, Don’t you Forget It

I recently had the pleasure of troubleshooting an ASP.NET application for a particular client. The issue was that clicking a particular link had the desired effect immediately, but upon any second link/postback the system would revert back to its original state. The purpose of that particular link was to set a session variable a certain way. It did not take long to determine some of the broader qualities of this issue: […]

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Key Features To Look For In Secure Messaging

Professionals in today’s world rely heavily on digital communications and more specifically, email. It’s easy not to think twice about protecting your messages, especially when considering how long email has been around. Ray Tomlinson sent the first email to himself in 1971 and the concept has very obviously grown since then. Just last month Reuters […]

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5 Reasons to Switch to Office 365

No More On Premise Servers
The biggest reason to switch to Office 365 is to reduce or eliminate your on premise servers.  Office 365 email runs on the same Exchange platform your company may be using today, except it’s hosted and maintained by Microsoft.  This means you no longer have to worry about licensing, patching, security, […]

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Reading Candidate Warning Signs

In any recruiting position you're going to run across warning signs from candidates, but how do you know when they're really going to be issues down the road or if they're just minor bumps in the pavement? That's the life of an IT Recruiter

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