My answer, YES! As every owner, founder, or manager knows, a LinkedIn profile and company page can be used to market, sell, and represent your brand in order to attract customers and prospective employees. What some employers don’t know (or do know but don’t try) is that they can, as long as there’s a company social media policy, utilize their current employee’s profiles on LinkedIn to market the organization as well, for FREE.


In a competitive market like IT consulting, my company encourages current, and trains new employees during on-boarding to use LinkedIn to market the company’s brand, as well as their own professional profile.


In a way, they are already representing the company by linking their current employment to your company profile on a social media platform, so as a member of leadership you shouldn’t hesitate to urge your employees to use LinkedIn to market the company’s products, services, values, and ideas. All it takes is a little guidance on how and when to share the message.


This is a simple way for you to promote your company to your employee’s networks, which is most likely comprised of other professionals in the same industry that might not follow you or the company page. We’ve experienced success by having employees share blog posts, work samples, press releases, marketing material, or even publishing a post like this to their LinkedIn network.


The important thing to remember is that it starts with the employee’s profile (including your own) so be sure to work with your current employees and add a task to your on-boarding process for new employees to make sure it’s up to date with:

  • Current dates and employer (none of those old jobs that still says to Present) and job title(s)
  • Their professional story (how they got to your company)
  • Explain what the company does, and your area of expertise within the organization (in their own words or an casual fashion as if they’re telling mom and dad what they do at work, don’t just copy and paste the “About Us” page from your website)
  • Share the company’s core values
  • Have employees ask for recommendations from clients or other employees that collaborated on projects together
  • Encourage them to join and engage in groups to reach a wider network
  • Last but not least, don’t let them just copy and paste their resume into the experience section, have them talk about what they’ve accomplished (projects, certifications, training, etc.), again share a story not just a bunch of bullets from a resume


By implementing and fostering a professional social media policy with a networking site like LinkedIn, I’ve found that we’re able to steer more traffic to your company website, gain more followers to our company page, and reach a wider network of professionals that could one day be a future employee or customer. What better (and FREE) way to market the organization you’ve worked hard to build than by tapping into your employee’s network of connections, they just might lead an opportunity to you.