After thoroughly reviewing submissions from over 30 candidates, an esteemed judging panel comprised of representatives from event sponsors, local business associations and the editorial staff of the Daily Herald Business Ledger selected John Gavilan, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at BridgePoint Technologies, as one of three recipients of the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Innovation.  The awards will be presented on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at Northern Illinois University in Naperville, IL.

This prestigious award recognizes Mr. Gavilan for his creative work on mobile applications for BridgePoint Technologies and its clients.  John Gavilan has created multiple cutting-edge mobile applications on behalf of BridgePoint Technologies.  Some of these include Digital Workorder and Clevermind, as well as specifically crafted applications for BridgePoint’s insurance and healthcare.

Congratulations to Mr. Gavilan, who displayed the key qualities of a successful modern-day entrepreneur, including personal drive, perseverance and business creativity, as well as the willingness to take risk.   Mr. Gavilan’s body of work within the field of mobile applications proved worthy of recognition amongst some of the most prestigious entrepreneurs and innovators in Chicagoland.

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