Professionals in today’s world rely heavily on digital communications and more specifically, email. It’s easy not to think twice about protecting your messages, especially when considering how long email has been around. Ray Tomlinson sent the first email to himself in 1971 and the concept has very obviously grown since then. Just last month Reuters highlighted a discovery of 272.2 million stolen accounts that were being traded throughout the criminal underworld. Businesses of all sizes have been the prime target of many of these attacks with some of the world’s biggest known data breaches affecting millions of users at Adobe Systems, JP Morgan and Target. Many small-to-mid sized businesses (SMB’s) are posed with the same threats and risks but don’t have a dedicated technology team to secure messaging or lack a big budget to implement a solution. In light of recent major data breaches, technology firms have working on and offering cloud-based secure messaging services. These services ensure a path for your business to securely send, receive and track corporate messages on any device, anytime and anywhere. However, there are a few features to look for to make sure your business get the most out of secure messaging.


Email Encryption: Not only is this the bulk of secure messaging but key in keeping your content hidden from the rest of the world when sending email. This well ensure and provide maximum security when sending, receiving, and tracking corporate messages which includes attachments.

Patented Delivery Slip: This will track and prove when an email is received, read and replied to, forwarded, deleted or printed. Unlike a read receipt on outlook, the receiver will not know the sender is tracking their message in depth.

Any Device, Anywhere: It’s never been more important to stay connected even when you’re on the go. Having native applications on the mobile device that can secure your messages is prevalent for more productivity on the go.

Secure Large File Transfer: The ability to share large files quickly and know in real time when and how information was received. These large files shouldn’t clog recipient’s inbox and are unaffected by email bandwidth.

Advanced Message Control: Having the ability to control emails via functionalities where you can freeze someone from forwarding an email, replying to an email, or sending it for their eyes only. This includes recalling the email completely.


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